Mughlai Dal Recipe

/Mughlai Dal Recipe

Mughlai Dal Recipe


Mughlai Dal:

What clicks first when you listen the word “Mughlai Dal” ? Dal is a one of the most common thing in everyone’s home. Mughlai dal is one of the best dish when you want to eat something amazing and tasty. It is known as Mughlai dal because may be it is cook in Mughals Kitchen in there eras. Mughlai dal is a combination of three dals. You should try this recipe and enjoy with your friends and family. 

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Chana dal 250gm
Moong dal 250gm
Masoor dal 250gm
Coriander powder 1 1/2 tsp
Black cumin 1/2 tsp
Ginger 3 tsp
Green chili 4
Yogurt 250gm
Red Chili 1 tsp
Turmeric 1/2 tsp
Black pepper 10 (make a powder)
Black cardamom 2
Tomato 250gm
Salt as required
Garlic paste 3 tsp
Onion 2



Boil all pulses (dal) separately. When all pulses are cooked add chili, turmeric, coriander, tomato paste, green chili, yogurt, ginger garlic paste, salt and water then cook on high flame and keep moving the spoon. When it turns thick like haleem low the flame Now take fry pan and fry onions until it turns into golden brown color. Pour this on Mughlai Dal. Dish out it and garnish it with coriander leaves. Mughlai dal is ready to serve. 

Mughlai Dal

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