Kairi Ka Sharbat Recipe

/Kairi Ka Sharbat Recipe

Kairi Ka Sharbat Recipe


Kairi Ka Sharbat:

It is special summer drink which soothes your mind and body. This kairi ka sharbat is a coolest drink and very easy to make at home. Kairi ka sharbat is of raw mangoes. Place it in a fridge and enjoy whole summer. Try this recipe at home and enjoy with your family and friends.

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Raw mango 1 kg
Sugar 1 kg
Water 4 glass


Wash the raw mango and ripe it.

Add 4 glass of water in a pan and boil the ripe mangoes. When it is boil turn off the stove.

When it becomes cold, remove the pulp with the help of clean hands.

If all the pulp and its saved water are reduced, mix more water and grind it with a kilograms of sugar in the grinder.

After that, cook this mixture in a pan, after a cooking mixture must be equal to a liter bottle.

Constantly running the wooden spoon.

When the color begins to change slightly, the sugar is cooked and if it is thick then turn off the stove.

When it is cool pour it in a bottle and keep it in your fridge.

Kairi ka sharbat is ready.

For drinking:

Take a cold glass of water, mix 1 tbsp of mixture in a water and add some ice in it.

Kairi Ka Sharbat


1. Protects From Intense Heat And Dehydration:

Drinking juice of raw mango during summers is more than a mere exercise in palate pleasing. The drink reduces the effects of intense heat and prevents dehydration, by stopping excessive loss of sodium chloride and iron from the body. These minerals often tend to leach out into your sweat, during summers, making you dehydrated.

2. Cures Stomach Troubles:

Raw mango is also consumed for its action against gastrointestinal disorders, which tend to go up during the summers. Raw mangoes are often prescribed to people with morning sickness, constipation, diarrhoea, chronic dyspepsia and indigestion.

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3. Good For The Heart:

The presence of niacin makes raw mangoes heart-healthy fruits. Niacin reduces risks of cardiovascular ailments and improves blood cholesterol levels.

4. Treats Scurvy:

Raw mango powder, or amchur, is believed to be an effective treatment for scurvy, which is often characterised by bleeding gums, rashes, bruising, weakness and fatigue. This is because raw mango is extremely rich in vitamin-C, the deficiency of which causes scurvy. The same vitamin also promotes elasticity in blood vessels and promotes formation of red blood cells.

5. Promotes Health Of Liver And Intestine:

Raw mangoes are great for the liver, and are believed to treat liver ailments. Chewing on raw mango pieces initiates bile secretion into the small intestine, where it increases the absorption of fats and also kills harmful microbes present in food.

6. Gives An Energy Boost:

Having a little bit of raw mango powder cures the afternoon drowsiness that often takes effect after your meals. This is because raw mango gives your body an energy boost that wakes you up and helps you perform well.

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