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Owner: Sidra Subhan

Assalam-o-Alaikum, My name is Sidra Abdul Subhan. I am a passionate and professional chief. I had done my graduation in Biomedical Engineering. Cooking and Baking is my passion. I use to cook and bake different dishes at home. After getting degree, I am working Professionally in this Field, now after working for many years I have reach to a certain level that I can teach and share my knowledge & experience with others. Currently I’m teaching Online to thousands of students with the help of social media platforms and my website for absolutely 100% FREE. I will do my best to improve the standard of cooking and baking. I have assembled a team which is working day and night to improve our services and our reach.

  • These classes are absolutely free of any cost and charges!!

  • Anyone can share there cooking recipes, knowledge and experience.

  • I’m constantly learning and improving my self, If I commit mistakes please rectify me.

  • Sharing is Caring and Gives You Peace of Mind


Skill level


Partner: Muhammad Imran Javed

Department of Information technology, software and websites developer.

Honors & Awards

  • Degree in Software engineering and Advance Network Troubleshooting and Research.
  • First youngest entrepreneur of Pakistan.
  • Highly educated, masters in philosophy and literature.

Education & Training

2005Matriculation from Muslim Model High School Lahore, Pakistan.

2007Intermediate from Lahore Board of Education.

2009Bachelors from Punjab University.

2011Masters from Punjab University.

Skill level


Free Online Cooking and Baking Classes

First time in Pakistan Apni Wah has introduced a system by which anyone can learn cooking and baking from our Website, we provide help on personal level. We are teaching online from many years on different social platforms. Now we have created this site to redirect our followers to one platform. We provide professional guidance to our members for totally free, no hidden charges. We do not sell anything to anyone about our users. Our sole purpose is to improve cooking standards in Pakistan by educating people with healthy, stable and ofcourse delicious foods!

Free Online Cooking and Baking Sharing Platform

Cooking and Baking sharing platform “First time in Pakistan”. Introduced by Apni Wah team on different social media sites. Members can also share recipes with everyone. On our Website and our social media pages. By this we encourage our members to share there cooking experience with rest of the world by sharing with us. They can also get feedback to improve them self and learn new things. Apni Wah is a Unique platform from which anyone can take benefit and learn cooking and baking for 100% free. New recipes and dishes are updated daily by our members.