Chicken White Karahi Recipe

/Chicken White Karahi Recipe

Chicken White Karahi Recipe


Chicken White Karahi:

Chicken white karahi is a simple yet most elegent dish. Karahi refers both deep to a frying pan similar to a wok and to the food cooked in the wok. Chicken white karahi is a very yummy and delicious recipe. Try this dish at your home and enjoy with your friends and family.

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Chicken 500 gm
Yogurt 250 gm
Ginger garlic paste 2 tbsp
Green chilies 4 – 5
Crushed coriander seeds 1 tbsp
Cumin seeds crushed 1 tbsp
Black pepper powder 1 tbsp
Cream 1/2 cup
Oil 1 cup
Salt to taste
Ginger 1 medium piece
Fresh Coriander 1/2 bunch


  1. Heat oil in pan and fry the chicken till slightly brown.

  2. Then add ginger garlic paste, cook for a minute.

  3. Add crushed cumin seeds, crushed coriander seeds, crushed black pepper, yogurt and 1 – 1/2 cup of water, cook on high flame until chicken tender.

  4. Add green chilies and cream cook mix it well and remove from heat.

  5. Chicken White Karahi is Ready to Serve.

  6. Garnish with ginger and chopped coriander and serve it.


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